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Friday, May 8, 2009

Genius: The Title

If you've seen my business card or read my FaceBook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles, you may have noticed the title listed - "Marketing Genius".  There's a really simple story behind that.

When my brother and I began All For HIM Marketing Solutions Inc., we were asked our titles by our accountant while filling out legal documents.  We looked back and forth and considered it a funny situation because we've always joked about the 1-5 person businesses where someone calls themselves the CEO, President or some other ivory tower sounding name just to give their ego a boost.  This was the opportunity of a lifetime for us.  If we had the invitation to create our own title, and could boost our ego with it all we wanted... why not be geniuses?  Done.  My official title with AFH Marketing Solutions is: JC Riley - Marketing Genius.

Until lately, I've never caught any flack about it and most considered it light hearted and humorous.  That is until last week.  Someone saw my title as Marketing Genius on my LinkedIn profile and decided to post a FaceBook comment on the matter that generated some responses.  
Here's the deal.  It's great to hand my card to someone who notices the title and asks about it.  I get to smile and laugh about it with them.  Then the normally say something like... "I'll remember that".  To which my reply is... "That's the idea behind it.  What else would you expect from a Marketing Genius?"  :)

"a person who influences another for good or bad"
This is what I do.  I help people consider all of their marketing options, decipher the best plan of action for them, and help them move in that direction.  My job is to influence people.  I choose to influence for what I believe is best for them and stay in the good.  Not my fault that someone decided to question my use of a word before first finding its meaning.  You can tell by my punctuation and spelling that I'm no English major.  That's why I turned to Merriam-Webster.

Last but not least.  Thanks to this person for commenting about it on line and drawing responses.  It made you talk, which made others talk.  Kind of viral, huh.  That's what marketing guru Seth Godin might call remarkable.  Seems like it worked even with those questioning the move.  

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