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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Babies On Skates

I saw a video on YouTube a few days ago that featured some toddlers rockin' roller skates to a hip hop beat. It was a plug for Evian to show how drinking water (in particular Evian water) would make you feel young and energetic.

Great job Evian. They have grabbed the attention of millions. I noticed it being a feature on news broadcasts this morning and do to the viral nature of the video, it's been riding in the top 10 on the Google Trends charts nearly all day. Cleaning up on views. By creating a funny video that people can relate to and making it easily circulated on the web, they've gained a great viral advertising campaign. I doubt the need to air the video in the US will even arise. By the time it hits the air waves, most will have already seen it due to the viral - if I like it, I'll spread it - nature of the web.

Below is the video that is creating a realm of new Evian (naive in reverse) water drinkers.

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