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Monday, March 9, 2009

Duped Me Once

I took my daughter Halee to Target on Friday, hoping to relieve her of that burning sensation that her birthday money has been causing on her hip for the last few weeks.  I kid like that but she was really diligent in deciding what to spend it on.  She decided it would be fun for she and her sister to play with walkie-talkies, so, that's where we headed.  She told me on the way in, she wanted a movie if she had enough money too.  

Once inside she found the "perfect" communication devices for only $14.98.  Then off to the movie section to find Beverly Hills Chiwawah.  We found it with a glistening sign that said "$5.00 gift card with purchase of Beverly Hills Chiwahwah"  Great!  the movie was $18.99, but with the $5.00 gift card, she might have enough with the $30 she already had plus the gift card.  So... off to the register we go.  That was too easy.  At the register, she paid for the movie first so she might use the gift card for the walkie-talkies.  No gift card.  What?  

The young man at the register explained that you must need a second purchase of some sort to validate the purchase.  "This happens all the time" he said.  He called the manager over who explained that you must buy that movie AND Air Bud Special Edition to receive the gift card.  A second look at the display revealed a second sign in a different location on the display with fine print outlining the details.  "What an idiot" I thought of myself.  Exactly the tone the manager took as he explained how an informed shopper would read all the signage on the display.  Then it hit me.  The guy at the register said it happens all the time.  Including earlier that day with a Kellogg's promotion with a similar offer.  $5.00 gift card with purchase of 2 of a certain type of cereal (must buy a total of 5 Kellogg's products to validate the offer).  

Why not be more clear on the offer?  Why make your customers feel stupid at the register with people waiting in line behind them?  Why try to embarrass your customers into a purchase?

We didn't by the second movie.  Mom and Dad covered the balance of Halee's purchase.  Target duped us.  But, they also won't see me in their store again.  If I'd been the only one making this mistake, I'd feel differently but I believe this was a dishonest marketing tactic.  Remember, the register guy said "it happens All The Time".

Duped me once.  My daughter and I were embarrassed and treated like idiots by management in your store.  Won't give you the chance to dupe me again.


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justinedge said...

I hate those kind of "tactics". It seems like it is everywhere you look in some form or fashion. to be careful.