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Friday, March 27, 2009

Holy Discontent

I often hear people talk about wondering what to do with their lives.  I've even wondered myself. Now, I'm not talking about whether to spend my Saturday watching college basketball or roaming "children's expo" to show my kids all sorts of  cool toys they'll never own.  I'm talking about people wondering every day what they can do to make a difference.  How can I leave a legacy.  Everyone wants to have that feeling that once they take the long nap, their work will live on, either through their children or through the people who's lives have been touched by their work.

The answer to this question is quite simple.  Everyone should align their life toward their holy discontent.  What is holy discontent?  Oh, well that's pretty simple actually.  Pastor Craig Groeschel of is who I first heard speak of this.  I've since heard people describe it in many ways and noticed that Bill Hybels has even written a book about it (e-version).  I'll describe it like this. - Holy discontent is different in every person.  It's a certain situation, injustice, illness, etc. that, when you witness it, makes you so angry or upset you could cry.  Then when you happen to be witness to something being done about it, you are so touched and happy you get chills and cry.  There, that's a simple meaning of holy discontent.

All of us have some form of holy discontent.  Put there intentionally by God, to pull at us and urge us toward a life of using the unique passions and talents that He has instilled in each of us individually.  It is up to us to align our lives to leave a mark on the world in our area of holy discontent in the name of Christ.  For some, it may mean changing careers to become a full time mommy, or work for a non-profit organization.  For others, your full time job may seem to have nothing to with your holy discontent, but is a means of funding or allowing time to do the things needed to leave your mark.

See, that was easy.  Now you know what to do with your life.  Well, once you figure out what your holy discontent is.  



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