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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Test the Water or JUMP!

Neighborhood pools will be opening soon here in Oklahoma.  Parents will take their kids to the pool and discuss with themselves whether or not to take a swim.  For those deciding to get wet, there are two ways they can go about their first swim of the season.  

Some test the water with their toe, then slowly walk down the steps of the pool for that first late spring swim.  Unfortunately, when someone takes that approach, they're sure to get to that "certain point" that is very sensitive to the temperature change.  Then a decision has to be made - do I keep going? or do I turn back and dry in the warm sun?  This is a critical point and this opportunity to cancel the swim rarely make for a good, enjoyable swim.

The other group will walk to the edge of the pool.  Stand at about the halfway point between the shallow and deep ends...  and jump!  Up they will bob for their first gasp of air and shout "dang that was cold".  But they will often think... I'm already wet, might as well swim.  Minutes later they will have acclimated to their new environment, and enjoy their first swim of the season and post memories of playing in the pool to their kid's mind.

So, what's that have to do our everyday life?  I'll use this explanation to explain.

I recently hired a new sales rep.  I will be riding with him today as we meet some new businesses.  I will tell him that story and ask him to make a choice.  He can dip his toe into this new adventure.  If he does, he's sure to get to that uncomfortable spot, where his time and efforts are colder than the warmth of his commissions.  He'll at that point have to decide whether or not to keep going in hopes of a secure future with high commissions in or to run to the refuge of a comfortable salary job.  Or, he can jump in with reckless abandon.  No turning back.  Come up for air in a couple of weeks and say "dang that was cold" but, I'm already in and might as well swim.  Next thing you know, the discomfort will be over and he'll have nice commissions to aide him in making memories with his family.

This is true not just in beginning a new job, but in any change you're considering.  

What will you do? - test the water?  or JUMP?


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