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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 Keys To An Effective Networking Group

  1. Charge a Fee :  When people have some "skin in the game" they will take the group and it's purpose more seriously.
  2. Have Structure :  Having clear leadership structure as well as a clear structure for your periodic meetings will ensure your meetings maintain their purpose.  You can have coffee with friends any time but networking groups are for passing referrals and making money.
  3. Don't Let Everyone In :  Being selective of  who may join your group will allow it's members to have more confidence in referring to other members as well as present somewhat of a "premier" image to the public of the group and it's members.
  4. Market To The Public :  Marketing to the public will get the word out to potential members but more importantly, will help the group as a whole become more of a recognized name and find clients outside the group who are loyal users of your network and it's members.
  5. Reward Both Giving And Receiving :  Rewarding the giving of referrals recognizes those who send their contacts to others in the group.  Rewarding the receiving of referrals recognizes those doing the work to become trusted providers within the group.  Those receiving the most referrals are often the people who are doing what it takes to know other group members and who are actively networking.
What would you ad to this list?


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