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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Be A Gas Pump

Have you ever wondered why pre paying for gas slows the pump?  Not the entire time but it seems to take just as long to pump the last 25 cents as the rest of the pre paid amount because the pump slows as it nears the end of my purchase.  

  • I wonder how many people say forget it and leave with 10 cents of paid for gas left on the meter.
  • I also wonder how much extra revenue this brings to a gas station over the course of a year (10 cents at a time).
  • More importantly I wonder how many customers are frustrated with the process like I am.
  • Businesses should give their customers the same great service at the end of a transaction as they do at the beginning.
  • Too many businesses are ran like gas pumps.
Don't be a gas pump.  


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