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Monday, April 6, 2009

Speed vs. Quickness

Speed is how fast or how much momentum you and your team or organization can gain in a certain direction or project.  The higher your top speed, the harder it is for your competition to get in your way and slow you down.

Quickness is the ability of you or your organization to change direction and get to top speed of a different angle or on a project.

Too many times will I meet people who've confused the two as being the same thing.  Many people and their organizations will focus on the speed of where they are heading and can't change direction when the market or their environment calls for it.  Or, the person may be so over focused on being able to change things and react quickly, that they have great quickness but their top speed is so weak that they can't stay ahead of the curve for long.

The key is to have both.  Give both things equal attention.  You need both specialties on your team.  You should have certain team members who have a top speed that is unrivaled and others who can help change direction with quickness that makes those changes in a heart beat.  When you're team has both, you'll be able to gain and hold the lead in your field, no matter what changes your market throws at you.

Do you have both?


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