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Monday, February 23, 2009

Can You Schedule Sincerity?

My wife and I had an interesting conversation a few days ago.  You see, she was playing the Bubble Breaker game on my phone (a popular favorite around the Riley home), when she saw I had a reminder scheduled on my calendar to pray with my wife.  

Does the fact that I had to schedule that prayer time still make it sincere?

Absolutely.  Whether you're reminder is to pray with your spouse, praise your kids, or praise your employees, the fact that you schedule it means that it's important to you.  If you didn't care, you might just "hope you remember".  Because spending focused time in prayer with and for my wife and the things that may be on her mind is important to me, I want to make sure it doesn't slip my mind.  Same goes with my kids.  If the reminder to praise my daughter shows up and I've not intentionally looked for something positive to praise her about, I find something right then to remind her how she pleases me.

Be careful though not to make that time just be a check mark on you "things to do" list.  If it appears to be just a check mark, it will not be genuine or well received.  Only do this if it is really truly important to you.  But, please do remind yourself if it's important to you.  Don't let it slip you mind.


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