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Monday, February 9, 2009

What Is That?

I often see vehicles driving around town with a company logo on them.  Unfortunately, most of them are a waste of space.  The reason is that most of them have the name of a product or company that doesn't include what the product is or what the company does.  

For instance, if you saw a billboard or logo on a vehicle that simply read "netWORX 405.761.0266", it probably would read nothing.  Even if you could benefit from this service, you'd never know because you don't even know what netWORX is.

Replay.  What if that same billboard or vehicle said "netWORX helping your site be found on the web 405.761.0266"?  Now, that says something totally different.  If I've been wondering how to get traffic to my site, you just told me you can help.

Advertising your brand is great, however, you must have a strong brand or also state what that brand does.  

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