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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Strong Kids Campaign

I am a huge fan of the YMCA and all it does for the communities where their locations are.  Currently the YMCA Association in the Oklahoma City metro area (including the Edmond OK Y's) is running their Strong Kids Campaign.  

This is a campaign to raise money that is used to provide invaluable services to the community.  A single mom might receive assistance through childcare so that her kids have a safe place to go after school.  Young kids receive swim and water safety lessons.  Each year thousands of area kids enjoy day camps provided by the YMCA.  These are the same kids that otherwise would be left home alone and experimenting with who knows what.

I encourage each of you to give to the local YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.  You can contact the Edmond Oklahoma Area Y's by calling (405) 348-9622.  You can call and make your commitment.  Payment can be deferred until October if needed.  

Just call up and say that you read about it on my blog.

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