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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Giving the Wrong Info

I arrived at a great Asian restaurant last night in anticipation of an event hosted by the local chamber of commerce.  As I stood in the lobby with 8 or 9 other confused chamber members, it was evident that we were in the wrong place.  Quickly, everyone fired up their iPhones and PDAs to recheck the chamber website.  Yep.  According to the events calendar on the site, we were in the right place.  I then sent a couple of text messages and had the correct location at hand.  However, by this time, we were 30 minutes into a 2 hour event and the correct location was about 20 min away, so we all decided that dinner and social networking for 10 would do just fine for tonight.

Whether a business, church, charity organization, or any other organization, having the correct information available is important.  It's time to find yourself awakened to the fact that in 2009 most people will look for your information on the web.  Some may only look on the web.  It's too easy to get the word out about your event or changes in an event, for anyone in your possible circle of influence to go un-notified.  

One thing that happened in this example that I see in many business websites is that the information on the site was incorrect.  Once again, editing the location of an event or changing a few words is too simple to let it go undone.  If the information on your site is incorrect, it is likely not neutral but rather hurting your cause.  In the case of last night, 10 people would have sought the location of that event if they hadn't been under the impression that they already knew where it was.  Heck I trusted the people that put it on.  Or at least I trusted their site.

Look at the information you're putting out in your emails, calendars, and on your site.  Is it up to date?  Do yourself and your cause a favor and fix it now.


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