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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Use Referral Groups to Build Your Circle

Referral groups are a great way to grow your business.  Google the term "business referral groups" + your city and you'll get a great list of places to start checking out.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing which group to devote the majority of your time with.

1.  Make sure the group focuses on referrals and not leads.  The difference is this.  
  • LEAD:  Hey, I just met with a guy who could really use some help getting traffic to his web site.  I know he mentioned needing help with that.  You should call him.  Here's his contact info.
  • REFERRAL:  Hey, I just met with a guy who could really use some help getting traffic to his web site.  He even mentioned needing help with it.  I told him JC Riley is the guy who can get that done.  I sent him to and gave him your number.  I also told him I'd let you know and have you give him a call.
2.  This is not one of those times when you simply buzz around handing out your business card.  Though it's nice to get the chance to do business with the people in your group.  However, your purpose should be to do business with the circle of influence that the people in the group know.  The ultimate target shouldn't be the group themselves.

3.  Build relationships.  Nobody should or will use their personal equity that they work hard to build to put their name on the line for people they don't know.  Just being in a group with someone doesn't entitle you to their circle of influence.  Get to know the others in the group.  Maybe do some sample work for them so they can see your quality and grow to trust you with their word.

4.  Be a giver.  Not just a receiver.  You'll need to begin looking for opportunities to give good quality referrals long before you expect to receive them.  Let the others in the group feel obligated to send business your way to catch up with the money you're making for them.  Don't get behind and let them wonder if you'll ever send them a referral even though they've sent you several.


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