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Monday, April 27, 2009

Jesus And the Internet

What do Jesus and the Internet have in common?

Let me explain this way...  My mother always told me that Jesus could see everything you did.  Now she could say that Jesus and the Internet see everything you do.  You can find just about anything in a person's history on the web.  There are eyes and ears attached to fingers clicking away on keyboards everywhere.  They provide a great commentary about your every decision that you or your organization make.  Chances are that someone somewhere will record your moves.  Unfortunately, they're much more likely to record the mistakes you'd rather get past than the successes you'd like to define you.  

I recently received a resume from a local college student that will be graduating soon and is ready to enter the world of marketing.  After reviewing his resume, what was my next step?  Google.  I decided to see what I could find on this guy from the web.  Hey, if web search is what we do, I need to be sure my team doesn't embarrass AFH Marketing on the web.

So, what did I find on the young job seeker?  Well we got quite a laugh out of a pretty silly mishap he had with the police and a college party a few years ago but he's since been quiet as far as police scanners go and has been working on more promising press for himself.

My goal is that when someone searches for JC Riley or AFH Marketing, they find plenty of things that would assure them of how our organization is able to aide them in their growth venture.  I'd rather not spend my energy explaining the crazy story of what happened with the cops.

How do you and your organization stack up?  Search yourself before someone else does.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't the internet the devil with his tail plugged into the wall. LOL that is what my grandma told me about the radio. How are you, lets do lunch soon. I am craving me some wings. Tommy want wingy...

Peace Out,

Zac Christian