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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Is It About 30?

I just turnded 30 last week and, though I'm not devestated like a prom queen with a zit, it is like someone has flipped a switch in my head.  I have this feeling like all of the sudden, I'm supposed to be something different.  I'm kind of a high energy guy who can have fun in the most boring of meetings.  However, it's as if that was fine last week (when I was in my 20's), but is unacceptable now.  What is it about 30 that makes me feel like I have to stop all the fun and become a stiff?

I don't care to fight the aging.  I welcome the gray hair, wrinkles, and wisdom I gain each year.  However, I refuse to grow up.  A wise man once said... "We don't stop playing because we get old.  We get old because we stop playing."


Brannon said...

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to feel a responsibility to my children to model “grown-up” behavior. Although I want to have fun with them–and of course I want them to have fun with me, too–I also want them to know that when they need something important, I’m not their buddy, they can count on me to provide for them, to be that “grown up,” offering them assurances that they’re safe.

(BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!)

Zac said...

Yo Brother,

I am back among the land of the living once again. I checked out for about a week to A. Get some work done on our remodel and 2. Focus my mind on some college stuff for H2O. I had a close friend that grew up in my youth that is going to H2O get into some stupid party crap about 10 days ago and it just floored me and the reality of what we are offering him to connect at H2O and that is 0, nothing, nodda, crap if you get my point. Anyhow I have shifted my focus and am pouring into kicking off some college stuff and hopefully lighting a fire under the board to move. I want to get together this coming wk if you can.