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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Hookup

We've all seen them. We've all used them. I'm talking about those little cards or keychain tags that businesses punch a hole in when we make a purchase. I have one that I keep in my car's console for the coffee shop across town. Many times I've made that drive because I was only x number of cups away from a free latte, even though I passed 4 other coffee shops with free wifi on the way there. Then there's the oil change place around the corner that gets me excited about a 3,000 mile oil change. I no longer push it to 5 or 6 thousand miles because I know that would delay the time between now and my free oil change that they are "giving" me.

Whether you're leading a ministry, a retail business, or service business, you should be giving your customers or attenders a reason not only to return to you rather than your competition but to return sooner rather than later. Maybe, "since you've purchased this item, you receive $10 off a second for a friend or family member if you order this month".

One more note. The oil change place I mentioned, they have this down to an art. Sometimes, when the manager is the one checking me out after my service, he'll give my keychain tag an extra hole punch... and make sure to tell me he's doing it (in a nonchalant way). Even though I'm sure that nearly every repeat customer receives this same advantage, I can't help but to feel some what special or like a bit of an insider. The manager likes me so much he's giving me "the hookup".

Find a reason for people to return often. Then take the next step and give them "the hookup".



justinedge said...

Yeah....It makes me think of soap operas kinda...They will always leave the ending of each show open-ended so it will entice you to come back to see the next show. Good post brother!
I get the hook ups at my local snow cone stand in the summer! What what!

carikelley said...

I have a keychain tag for that "oil change place around the corner" and I have never gotten a double punch. You are special! Incidentally, I already have my "free" oil change earned up!

Kendra Golden said...

check out this genius "hook up" idea from Seth Godin: