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Thursday, December 4, 2008

OU/Texas... Be Honest

If you're a sports fan you've no doubt been bombarded with controversy talk for the last few weeks.  You know, the whole OU, Texas, Big12, BCS thing.  Here's my take and how I would vote.  If I had a vote.
I'll preface by saying that I definitely am an OU football fan.  However, unlike most who dawn the crimson and cream apparel on Saturdays, I can set my cheering agenda aside and admit that our foes from the south do have a legitimate argument.  There are many things that both of these teams have in common but I'll focus on what separates them.

+ 4 wins over teams currently ranked in the top 25 - OSU / Texas Tech / Cincinnati / TCU
+ Strong road win over OSU
+ Possibly the hottest team in the country at this time.  Even being accused of "running up the sore" while playing backups early in the fourth quarter
- Loss to Texas on a neutral field

+ 3 wins over teams currently ranked in the top 25 - OU / OSU / Missouri 
+ Strong win on neutral field over OU
- Loss to Texas Tech on last minute touchdown on the road.

Now that we know those things, who would I vote for?  Well, it depends.  It depends on whether I was asked to vote for the team I thought was the best team or which team deserves the higher ranking.  If I was to vote on which team "deserved" the higher ranking, I'd have to give Texas the nod.  They played on an even level and gave 90%-100% effort every time out.  Their loss came on the road in a close one.  And they had the head to head win over OU.  However, if I was to vote for the team that I thought was the better of the two, I would give the edge to OU.  I know, I know, Texas already beat them on a neutral field.  Consider this though.  On that day in early October, OU played arguably their worse, most sloppy game of the season while Texas played one of their most impressive games of their season.  If the two played 10 times I believe OU would win 7.

One more thing for OU fans to consider.  With the track record that the Sooners have built in BCS games, these next two games are must wins.  With all the controversy and whining going on, a loss in either the Big12 Championship or the BCS Championship would be devastating to the egos of OU fans everywhere.  When you get a break... you better not squander it.

Your thoughts?


justinedge said...

All I know is that OU better win or the sports animal will have phone calls with tons of angry idiots!
Thoughts from me....OU definitely deserves to go. I have yet to hear a Texas fan say they would like to go head to head again.
I'll stop here....I can type for days!

carikelley said...

I agree with you and Justin--the Sooners HAVE to their post season games or they will never hear the end of it.

And I only have one disagreement with your post--I would argue that Texas' win over OU was NOT a strong win...sloppy game by OU and poor officiating won that game.

brannon said...

these are some kind of sports teams or something, right?

Lauri said...

I think the real problem is the Big 12 North...the team that should not be playing is missouri...I wish it was Texas and OU playing for the championship that would be the true championship game...but we will take what we can get and we better pound Missouri or we will look like idiots..