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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hitler Birthday Cake

I came across this story last night and it made me absolutely sick.  It seems some backwards guy in New Jersey decided to name his kid Adolf Hitler.  What?!!!  You heard me.  To top it off, his two daughters have the words "aryan nation" and "hinler".  What losers.

These people got all hacked because the Shop Rite supermarket refused to put their son's full name on a cake.  According to the supermarket, they've been declining this families similar requests for the past few years.  Including, a request to put a swastika on a cake.  I heard the mom on a television interview say how it hurt their feelings.  Poor souls.  I wonder if they think of all the people offended and with hurt feelings that a racist loser would use their kid as a billboard for a hate organization.  

Of course Wal-Mart was more than willing to make the cake, but hey, they won't sell CD's with a parental advisory label.  Give them some credit.  They do have some standards.

Of course the real story is what these names will do to the poor kids who have to wear them.  As an employer, I wouldn't hire someone who's name might offend my customers.  Teachers, I'm sure will treat these kids differently than the rest of their class.  Wrong or right, they will.  I'm sure also that over the course of their upbringing there will be countless minorities whom after being offended or turned off by the names this family has chosen, will treat these kids differently (once again, wrong or right, they will). Those things will only fuel the hate these kids are being taught by their parents.  

We've just elected our first black president for crying out loud!  Get over it!  Welcome to 2008!  Just when it seems we've pulled out of the dark ages of our country.  There's some loser ready to make an attempt to pull us back in.

I know this isn't my normal type of topic but this really hacked me off.  Read the story and share your thoughts.

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carikelley said...

I saw this story on the Cake Wrecks blog...unreal! I thought the same thoughts about those precious kids--growing up with a legacy of hate. sad.