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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mary, Did You Know?

When I hear the song, Mary, did you know, I can't help but just imagine the storm of feelings that must have rushed through Mary, the young teen aged mother's heart.  The song asks Mary if she knew things about the baby she'd just given birth to.  The thing is, most of the questions this song asks, she did know.

As I type this, my four year old, Ruthie, is sitting on my lap and laying her head on me.  I love it when my girls want do take time out of busy play to stop and cuddle their daddy.  Times like this make me feel like the most awesome, special, and chosen, person in the world.  My children have a special way of making me feel loved, and I'm so full of love for them that, at times, I feel like I could burst with this love.  If you're a parent, I'm sure you've had those times when you want to do nothing but sit and admire your children.  Maybe watching them sleep, or watching as they play alone and pretend to make conversation with their toys.

Now, can you imagine those same times mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you knew your child was the supernatural incarnation of God?  Mary knew this.  She knew that Jesus was destined to be the Savior of mankind.  She didn't need to ask if he wanted to be a fireman when He grew up.  She knew He created firemen.  With all the feelings I have when I'm holding one of my children, I can't imagine the feelings I might have if I was entrusted with the upbringing of Gods chosen Messiah.  I sometimes am nervous at my responsibility as a parent, but, she was responsible for the the care of God in the flesh.

Listen to the song now, and this time, meditate on your experiences with your own kids and what this young woman must have experienced that night in a cold barn.


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ToniQue said...

This song always make me cry. I love it!