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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crazy Love

I've recently finished a great book entitled Crazy Love, written by Francis Chan.  This book really was used to open my eyes about the crazy kind of love that God has for us.  He loves me regardless of how imperfect and just plain messed up I am.  That's Crazy.

The thing that challenged me most through this book though was a comment about being an obvious Christ follower.  If you weren't a Christ follower, would your life look much different?  In other words, does the way you live your life constitute total trust, worship, belief, and leaning on God?  Or, are you more of just a "nice guy" who goes to church and prays before meals?  

If the first statement is true, your life should look completely different and stand out from those who don't know Christ.  In the second example, your life likely more closely resembles those around you not knowing HIM than it does the crazy apostles who were more passionate about telling the news of Jesus than any other thing around them.  They acted that way because they were filled with God's crazy love.  Really, is there any other reasonable response to a crazy kind of love like that?


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