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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Donate Some Work

Last week's event at Trichology Salon was a great win/win.

Donate some work or time to charity.  Publicise it in order to invite people to join the cause and take advantage of the "freebie" with request that they donate.

That's what happened with the Trichology Salon example.

Here's the run-down of what happened:
  • Stylists donate time & location to shave hair for free
  • Donations are collected for charity (in this case for Camp Cavett)
  • Local radio station agrees to promote event and local news channel covers the story
Here's the result of what happened:
  • Local family sees first hand love and support from their friends and community (great thing)
  • nearly $1400 raised to support a worthy cause (definitely a good thing)
  • 40+ people show up to donate and get heads shaved bringing along family members who otherwise wouldn't have ever realized that Trichology existed. (wives and others not shaving heads and possibly becoming future customers)
  • community sees that they have a local business that cares about more than money and wants to genuinely be a blessing to the community.  (hopefully this is one of your business goals... if it's not, it should be)
See.  It's not that hard.  That's just one idea.  How can you make it yours?

More tomorrow

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