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Friday, January 2, 2009

"G" ?

If you watched any of the traditional college football classics on New Year's Day, you saw the commercial.  You probably went away asking... "What the heck does G mean?".   You're not the only one.  This topic was the #2 searched topic on Google yesterday.  After recognizing some of the faces passing across the screen, I had a hunch.  Turns out, my hunch was correct.  This was the launch of a much anticipated new marketing campaign by Gatorade.  

Genius?  I think so.  Not many companies have the cash flow to spend of this type of creative marketing.  For most companies, they need each dollar to clearly state who they are and what they do.  However, for a company that can afford to run the ad often enough to flood an area or demographic for a concentrated enough time frame, this is a brilliant attack.  

Quaker Oats (who owns Gatorade) and PepsiCo. (who announced today, intent to purchase Quaker Oats) will probably always bookmark January 1st, 2009 as the day that more people searched for them, than nearly any other thing.  What can you do to entice potential customers to search for you rather than you searching for them?  Be creative.  With enough creativity you too can make this happen on at least some level.  Without spending millions of dollars in one day.


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