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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pepper is HOT!

My wife (Pepper) and I each will turn 30 by the end of this month.  Though I'm not devastated to realize that I'm nearly halfway to the average life expectancy for males in the USA, I have done some reflecting lately.

Today I was looking at Pepper and began to think about when we met at the ripe old age of 16.  Boy did I think she was H-O-T....HOT!  I thought about our wedding day and how I thought she was the most beautiful thing on earth.  I then walked into our bedroom where there hangs a picture of us not long after being married (maybe 19-20 yrs old).  Wow did I think she was beautiful then.  After looking at my wife of over 11 years again, I realized I was way off base.  What was I thinking?  At all those times in our lives she was pretty, cute, sweet.  She's just a few days from her 30th birthday and has now become Smokin' HOT.  

My how your perceptions change over time.  14 years ago when we first met, I thought I had it made and that she was as beautiful as she would ever be.  Now, I can't wait to see her at 40.  If she keeps getting hotter at this pace, I might have to wear a welders mask to look at her so she won't burn my eyes.

Pepper, I love you more than anything... even more than yesterday.  


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zac said...

somebody is earning some sweet brownie points...