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Monday, January 5, 2009

Fat Stats (Week1)

I reached my week 1 goal... barely.  I'm down from 213 to 211.  My goal is 2 pounds per week until I hit 175.  Though I hit this goal, I'm pretty disappointed with myself.  This goal was meant to be an average.  I assumed I'd lose many more for the first few weeks and the weight loss would be harder to come by as I thinned out.  I guess that is only the case if you take the task seriously.  I do have to admit.  Although I'm very serious about the goal and how I'll reach it, I was slow to take action steps other than eating a couple of pieces of fruit this week.  Tomorrow, however, I'll be meeting a group at 5am for a good cold run.  I'm on a mission and intend on accomplishing it.


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