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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Donate For High Commitment Sales

If your company sells high commitment items this works great for you.  By high commitment items, I mean any product or service that, for the most part, requires some thought or consideration by the buyer.  For instance, a new pair of jeans at the mall = low commitment.  A new car = high commitment.  Are we on the same page?  Good.

Here's what we plan to do here at All For HIM Marketing Solutions.  During the month of February 2009, we will be working to raise contributions for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.  Each time a client signs up for our netWORX search engine marketing service or purchases a custom built website from us, we will donate $25 to the Strong Kids Campaign.  Pretty good contribution per sale but hey, it's a high commitment sale, we're willing to sacrifice $25 for a good cause that helps many many families.
  • The idea behind this is that this mission might raise some questions and awareness of how the YMCA contributes to their local community (I'll post on this next week).  Other benefits from this effort will hopefully be abundant be three of the things we're hoping for are... 
  1. Bringing some of those fence straddlers over to our side.  Most organizations have potential clients who are perfect fits for their product or service, know they need to sign up, but just beat all around the bush when it comes to inking paper and writing a check.  You know they'll sign up some time, question is, will it be before you retire or long after your grand children take over the family business.  Hopefully this will give those procrastinators a reason to commit now rather than later.
  2. Letting people know that some businesses care about their community and those organizations that help them and their families.  There's something to be said for giving money to an organization that effects you or someone you know.  For instance, aren't you more likely to buy that overpriced wrapping paper and canned popcorn from the local elementary students, if it's your niece selling it, rather than just some random kid from another city who's going door to door in your neighborhood?  Same principle.
  3. Raising lots of dough for an awesome organization.  The biggest part of this mission is that we will hopefully be writing a huge check for the YMCA and the community it supports.  The bigger the check... the more money we made, the more help the YMCA receives, and the more support the YMCA can give to the community.
Once again, this is a win/win for all involved.  By the way, if you need a website or need help getting people to visit your site, we can help.  You can contact All For HIM Marketing Solutions at (405) 761-0266.  Do business now to help the YMCA.


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