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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Donate Some Branded Goods

Find an organization and donate some THING they need.  Chances are, that you may be able to brand it with your logo.  Here's just one idea.  Take it and run with it.
  • Find a non-profit who uses bottled water and offer to donate a couple of pallets with your logo.  Depending on the organization, you might split the label with half your company info and half the organization's info.
  • Go to and order your water with your custom label and have it delivered to the organization.
  • Next thing you know, the organization is passing out your business advertisement all over.
It might look something like this.  The local soccer league or concession stand that raises money for your local school's PTO.  You donate the water, they sell it and the money goes to the organization.  They are passing out your info on the label to every thirsty person at the concession stand.  All those people see a community oriented business that has donated to their local school or soccer club their kids are in.  That's called common ground.  

Once again, It's a win/win for the organization, people getting the water, and your business.  Everybody gets what they need.

There's the idea...  Make it yours.

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