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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"I can't afford to advertise" WHAT?!

I often hear business leaders say they can't afford to advertise, "right now".  I just want to say "WHAT?  WHY? Are you an idiot?"  Most of the their pitiful answer to why, is... "business is just slow right now".  O.K.   So these people must think the Customer Fairy is going to bring in some new clients tomorrow.  The truth is, when business is slow, you can't afford not to advertise right now.
  1. If you're not advertising and business is slow, change it.  Start Advertising.  
  2. If you are advertising and not seeing it bring in business, change it.  Try different advertising media, but don't just stop advertising.  
  3. If you are advertising and it's bringing in a positive number of dollars vs. your investment, change it.  Keep what you have and buy more of it.  There should be no budget or spending limit on well-spent advertising dollars.  IT MAKES MORE THAN IT COSTS (positive ROI).
If you want to change the way your business is going, you've got to do just that.... CHANGE.  

Advertising is not a luxury.  It's a necessity!  If you're only buying it to "see yourself" all over town and boost your ego, it's a waste.  Organizations shouldn't buy advertising when they "make it".  Organizations should buy advertising so they will "make it".  

What are you and your organization doing today so that more people will find you tomorrow? 

If you don't advertise or thinking of cutting your advertising, please pay attention to this next statement.

If you're doing the same thing today that you did yesterday, you'll have even less business tomorrow than you do today.



Toni Que said...

Makes sense. They need an "idiot" shirt, huh?

Zac Christian said...

I need a good billboard idea for H2O.
Short and to the point...