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Monday, January 12, 2009

Caleb Pape 1

Anybody up for getting their hair cut?  I'm currently working with the family of Caleb Pape as well as the Trichology Salon to put together a fund raiser for Camp Cavett.

Caleb is currently battling tumors since August of 2007.  During this time, he's battled a tumor at the base of his skull, leg, and even rib.  Caleb's entire family are what I would call the prototype of Christ loving families.  His father (Randy) is one of the most Spirit filled men I've ever met.  He leads his 3 sons and 1 daughter in examples of how to actively worship each day in the way you live.  Kerri (Caleb's mom) is an awesome woman.  She's had a lot placed on her shoulders and her heart.  Even spending several months caring for all 4 kids on her own during this rough season for her family, while Randy was stationed over seas with the US Air Force.  Caleb is a Champion and will overcome this trial he's facing.  He wishes though to use this to help and reach others through this.  

Caleb will be going with the aero dynamic haircut provided by a pair of clippers next week and would like some of you to come along as well.  Trichology Salon will cut Caleb's hair as well as others wishing to support the cause.  All that is asked is that you donate the cost of the haircut to Camp Cavett.  If you don't wish to sport the new doo (I will be), you can easily stop by and donate to the cause.  

We are still working out some details but will have all of them soon.  Very soon.  This will probably take place early next week so keep checking Awaken for details in the next couple of days.


1 comment:

Bec said...

I'm so excited about this-- Thank you for bringing it up to Jeff and I- such an amazing family and cause. Jeff is a bit afraid that if he shaves will never come back so :) Not sure that he's going to cut it but we are definetly in for the donation.

Love ya'll!