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Friday, January 30, 2009

Casual Fridays = $5.00

Maybe this one's not much of a marketing technique, but, it can be fun and most importantly, helps others.  If your business operates on a "professional" dress code, chances are that the folks in your office would like to have "casual dress" Fridays.  Try this approach.
  • Survey your staff to find out what charitable organization your team might be most passionate about overall.
  • Offer up "casual dress" Friday... with a catch.
  • To participate in the casual dress code to end each week, they must put up $5.00 that will be donated to the charity each quarter.  The charity can even rotate quarter to quarter.
This will make Fridays fun and bring your team together for a common cause.  Best of all, it's a win/win for all involved.  Employees get their casual Friday.  Charitable organizations around your community are aided financially.  And, if you play the cards right, your company gets some much appreciated pub.


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Brannon said...

That's a really good, practical idea. I worked for a company in Stillwater once that regularly partnered with The United Way. Once a year, we had half a day off to participate in The United Way's "Day of Caring." The team I was on went to a little old lady's house and did fix-it-up things for her. Our company knocked out all the items they had for us so quickly, that we improvised for each of the people we were already serving. For example, one guy went to the hardware store and bought paint, rollers, and brushes, and we completely repainted her entire detached garage. Team-building and community-building. Everybody wins.